Terrace Board

Terrace Board

  • Wood textured look
  • UV stabilised
  • 100% recycled post consumer plastic
  • 127mm high

About Terrace Board

Terrace Board provides a textured, wood grained look to your landscape edging. Create a raised layer of mulch, rocks or soil. This product is made of strong, recycled plastic and will showcase your landscaping for years. Control and contain all of your hard work with the subtle but versatile Terrace Board.

This garden edging can create beautiful curves for that perfectly manicured gravel path or can simply define your lawn and garden.

Available in convenient 6 metre or 12 metre lengths and you can choose between brown or black with matching stakes to complete your garden edging system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do 90 degree corners with Terrace Board?

Yes, by carefully heating with a gas flame and bending over a sharp edge.

Can Terrace Board damage my lawnmower or edge trimmer?


Will Terrace Board rot?



Terrace Board Black
95440 Terrace Board Black 6m x 105mm
99410 Terrace Board Black 12m x 127mm
99410 Terrace Board Stakes Black – 10pk
Terrace Board Brown
95340 Terrace Board Brown 6m x 105mm
99310 Terrace Board Brown 12m x 127mm
99310 Terrace Board Stakes Brown – 10pk


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