SureWall™ – Retaining Wall System


  • Heavy duty, robust steel construction
  • High tensile, galvanised for long life
  • Build walls up to 1000mm high
  • 1/3 the thickness of conventional timber retaining walls

About SureWall

SureWall is a slide together system designed for the creative DIYer. Not only quick and easy to install, it looks sensational!

The SureWall System is the new look and way of building retaining walls. Thisinnovative  system can be used in many applications.

Create raised gardens and paths effortlessly or why not put your trampoline inground? Much safer for the kids and will ensure it doesn’t end up in the neighbours garden when the next storm hits!

The Surewall system offers significant labour savings due to the minimum excavation required and there is no need for fasteners, saving time and money.

One of the great features of SureWall is the flush finish creating a smart, modern, non-obtrusive wall. Building one is easier than you think! Add value and style to your property with SureWall.

Stylish, sophisticated, stunning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SureWall?

SureWall is a retaining wall system that uses steel posts and timber rails to generate an aesthetically pleasing, flush finished, non-obtrusive retaining wall system that is very quick and easy to install by any able-bodied DIY person. This innovative system also has significant labour savings due to minimum excavation.

How thick do the timber sleepers need to be?

The posts are 65mm wide and a 50mm sleeper is the best fit. This is so there is some room to move as the timber shrinks and swells.

How far apart should my posts be?

This is all dependant on your DIY project as well as the weight that is behind the wall. If a larger retaining wall is being built, then it is recommended to use more posts and less sleeper spacing to spread the weight on the wall structure. As an indication 1200mm is quite a common length.


Joiner Posts
76166 Joiner Post 450mm
76167 Joiner Post 750mm
76165 Joiner Post 1100mm
13070 Joiner Post 2100mm
Corner Posts
76172 Corner Post 450mm
76173 Corner Post 750mm
76171 Corner Post 1100mm
13069 Corner Post 2100mm
End Posts
76169 End Post 450mm
76170 End Post 750mm
76168 End Post 1100mm
13071 End Post 2100mm


Product Information

Handy Tips

  • When installing SureWall, concrete one post at a time adding sleepers as you go to ensure a straight wall
  • For a different look, add a layer of timber capping to the top of the wall – it makes for great seating too
  • Designed with 15° tolerance, so you can create ‘curved’ walls at special angles

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