Steel Y Posts

Steel Y Posts

  • Three sizes available
  • Pointed for easy installation
  • Available in bundles of 10

About Steel Y Posts

Robust and reusable posts to support Cirtex® SiltFence, Super SiltFence, Barrier Mesh and for many other applications around the site.

Cirtex Steel Y Posts are punched with holes as shown. The holes in the 1.35m, 1.5m and 1.8m posts are situated to work with SiltFence, Super SiltFence and Barrier Mesh. The 0.5m and 0.75m posts have a range of holes allowing them to be used as a fast reusable alternative to timber pegs when installing boxing for concrete etc.

Along with the Steel Y Posts we also have the safety caps available which are compatible with all size Y Posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they painted?

Our Y-Posts are bitumen dipped for longevity.

Can Steel Y Posts be re-used?



76126 Steel Y Post 1.35m
76058 Steel Y Post 1.5m
13294 Steel Y Post 1.8m