SmartMat Ultra Fibre

SmartMat Ultra Fibre

  • Inhibits weed growth
  • Fibre layer which retains water for plants and trees
  • Allows water and air to flow providing healthy plants and soil
  • Quick and easy to lay

About SmartMat Ultra Fibre

SmartMat Ultra Fibre is a spunbound polypropylene geotextile weedmat. It’s highly permeable surface allows for an almost instantaneous absorption rate, making it the highest quality weedmat Cirtex has.

It has an extremely high puncture and tear resistance allowing it to be used under jagged rocks and other similar surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SmartMat have a higher price point?

SmartMat rolls are 1m wide (cheaper textile is only 0.9m). SmartMat is also a heavier weight, superior quality textile.

Will it be okay in the sun?

All weedmats deteriorate in sunlight. While SmartMat™ is UV treated for longevity, we recommend covering as soon as you lay it with mulch, bark or stones.


13347 SmartMat Ultra Fibre 1m x 10m
13348 SmartMat Ultra Fibre 1m x 20m