Orange Safety SiltFence

Orange Safety SiltFence

  • Greater strength and durability
  • Stablizers and inhibitors added for improved filament longevity
  • Chemically stable, long-chain synthetic polymer materials for reliability
  • Meets Local Authority requirements for primary barrier against site run-off

About Orange Safety SiltFence

Orange Safety SiltFence is a long-life, high visibility barrier against sediment run-off. Meeting the local authority requirements, this Silt fence is perfect for low-visibility situations or high-traffic areas where extra caution needs to be taken.

Your best quality investment in a highly visible, rot, UV and heat resistant and dimensionally stable, woven geotextile.

Reliable and proven in large-scale civil infrastructure projects you’ll have confidence that this Silt-film Silt fence will filter out solids while enabling water flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SiltFence?

In many areas it is a council requirement to prevent silt from washing from your site and into

Are there set guidelines on how to install SiltFence?

Yes, download our installation instructions.

Why use orange SiltFence instead of black?

Orange SiltFence is for when a visual safety barrier is required as well.


13132 Orange Safety SiltFence 1.0m x 50m


Installation Guide