SmartMat Premium

SmartMat Premium

  • Inhibits weed growth
  • Fibre layer which retains water for plants and trees
  • Allows water and air to flow providing healthy plants and soil
  • Quick and easy to lay

About SmartMat Premium

SmartMat Premium has a unique fibre layer which absorbs and retains moisture allowing healthy plant growth. The structure of the weedmat stops weed growth, while retaining water for slow release into the soil over time. This means the water gets directly where it’s needed.

Because it is a heavy duty weedmat it is not essential to cover with mulch or bark, however for optimum life it is recommended as UV will eventually break it down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SmartMat Premium and Enviro?

Premium is a woven weedmat with a non-woven fibre backing, which retains moisture and reduces evaporation. Enviro is a non-woven weedmat that has been hydroponically treated and enables water to pass through more quickly to plant roots.

Do you install it with the layer up or down?

SmartMat premium can be installed either way – install fibre layer down for dry soils as the fibre layers acts as a moisture trap, retaining moisture for the plants.

Install fibre layer up for bark or mulch gardens on a slope to help keep the bark in place.

Will it be okay in the sun?

All weedmats deteriorate in sunlight. While SmartMat is UV treated for longevity, we recommend covering as soon as you lay it with mulch, bark or stones.


13005 SmartMat Premium 1m x 5m
13006 SmartMat Premium 1m x 10m
13007 SmartMat Premium 1m x 20m


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