• Filters out solids while allowing water flow
  • UV stabilised
  • Meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site runoff
  • High strength woven Slit-Film SiltFence

About SiltFence

SiltFence is a UV stabilised woven silt control fabric, available in convenient 50m rolls. Cirtex® SiltFence meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site run off.

SiltFence is used as a means of retaining silt and sediment on work sites during wet weather while allowing water to flow away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiltFence and why do I need it?

SiltFence is a black woven geotextile and in many areas it is a council requirement to prevent silt from washing from your site and into nearby waterways.

Where is SiltFence used?

SiltFence is used in a wide range of applications for containing sediment runoff. It filters out solids while allowing water to flow through.

How is SiltFence installed?

SiltFence is to be installed with 200mm below ground returning upslope, 200mm below ground verticle, and 600mm above ground level. SiltFence is to be supported by Y posts every 2m (when using soft wire) or 4m (when high tensile wire is used). SiltFence clips or pins are to be used every 200mm, attaching the top of the SiltFence to the wire.


76027 SiltFence 1.0m x 50m
76802 SiltFence 1.3m x 50m


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