PaveMaster – Plastic Edging

PaveMaster – Plastic Edging

  • Heavy gauge HDPE
  • Long 2.4m Lengths
  • Recycled plastic
  • 40mm high

About PaveMaster

Have you ever had problems with concrete haunching cracking or not allowing grass to grow up to the edge of your paving? PaveMaster is the answer!

PaveMaster is made of heavy gauge HDPE recycled plastic for years of solid retaining power. This unique design allows for installation in straight or curved areas with two options for anchoring – plastic stakes or steel stakes. This edging comes in 2.4m lengths. 40mm high.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stakes do I need per 2.4m length of PaveMaster?

For straight lengths, we recommend using stakes every 600mm at a minimum although every 400mm is preferable. The more stakes you use, the better the job. For curves, you will need to use every 200mm-300mm.

Why is PaveMaster better than traditional concrete haunching?

PaveMaster can expand and contract in the heat and under load without cracking, whereas concrete tend to crack and lose it’s strength, causing your paving to fail.

How do you cut PaveMaster?

Use a timber cutting saw or a hacksaw.


PaveMaster Lengths
47208 PaveMaster Edging 2.4m
PaveMaster Stakes
12103 PaveMaster Stakes – 3 Pack
12109 PaveMaster Stakes – 9 Pack


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