Easy Install Videos

Featured Video: SmartScreen

For style, shade and privacy, SmartScreen is the ideal choice to match any landscape design with our extensive range of designs and finishes.

Crafted from durable Australian hardwood, SmartScreens are proven to stand the test of time for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.

This video takes you through the method of installing the screens between two vertical battens, popular in both residential and commercial outdoor environments.



This video outlines one method of installing SmartScreen to increase privacy, while adding an element of beauty to your outdoor area.


SiltFence Installation


SiltFence is a UV stabilised woven silt control fabric that meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site run off.

Orange Safety SiltFence

Orange Safety SiltFence


Orange Safety SiltFence is a long-life, high visibility barrier against sediment run-off. Meeting the local authority requirements, this Silt Fence is perfect for low-visibility situations or high-traffic areas where extra caution needs to be taken.

SmartBlock Gabions

Cirtex® SmartBlock Gabions come as a complete kit making any DIY project as easy as possible. The kit includes spirals made with maximum strength which simply thread through the panel apertures. This method is great for home builders, landscapers and DIY projects.

SmartSoak® - Stormwater

Presenting a new way to deal with stormwater runoff from residential properties.
In a smart, easy and cost effective kit, the SmartSoak® system contains all the components needed to attenuate stormwater from an individual residential site.


SurePave® permeable paving panels are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass or gravel in highly stressed areas such as vehicle parking lots, driveways, golf courses, parks or hard stand areas for boats, trailers or caravans.


AluExcel edging is a great solution for straight and curved landscaping lines and can be used as a border, paver restraint or divider.


Post & staking systems provide a simple and easy solution for transforming timber sleepers into garden retaining walls and edgings. The SureWall® system is the new look and way of building retaining walls. This innovative system can be used in many applications.

SmartPave Metro

SmartPave Metro is a residential grade of permeable paving to stabilise decorative stones. It is perfect for lighter traffic areas, entranceways, patios, paths, courtyards, or any prominent area around your home.