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  • Approved geotextile for filtration, separation, and drainage
  • Convenient widths for all drainage applications
  • Prevents soil particles from entering drainage systems while un-restricting water flows
  • Assists conveyance of water along the plane of the geotextile to an outlet, either horizontally or vertically


FilterPlus, with its small roll size, it is generally used for subsoil drainage filtration and separation by preventing the intermixing of aggregates and soils in smaller applications.

Nonwoven needle punched geotextiles are manufactured from the extrusion of  fibres which are then laid down on a manufacturing ‘bed’. They are then needle punched to entangle the threads resulting in a porous yet dimensionally stable product. Additional thermal treatment is then applied to improve the strength of the geotextile further. Due to this manufacturing process, nonwoven geotextiles are best used in applications of drainage, filtration, and separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main uses of FilterPlus?

FilterPlus is mainly used for filtration, separation and reinforcement. Needle punched is better for filtration and woven is better for reinforcement although both will effectively separate soil layers.

Is FilterPlus UV stable?

FilterPlus is tested for UV resistance, and achieves greater than 80% retained after 500 hours testing.

In reality this means the product is UV stable for the duration of exposure and working times, but it is not designed to be exposed for years.

Does the colour make any difference?

No. The grey and black fabrics have a pigment added, usually to hide imperfections in the raw material due to recycled material being used.


Roll Size
0.6m x 50m
1.0m x 50m


Product Information

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