Stormwater & Drainage

To ensure your drainage projects are as easy and as cost effective as possible, we have a range of products available to help you out.

Filter Plus®

Filter Plus® is generally used for subsoil drainage filtration and separation by preventing the intermixing of aggregates and soils.

Filter Sleeve®

Filter Sleeve® is a tested and proven solution for protecting subsoil drains from blocking.

Aqua Sleeve®

Aqua Sleeve® is a heavy duty, UV stabilised plastic tubing which can be clamped or taped to an outer pipe to temporary redirect water flow.


Non-woven geotextiles are ideal for drainage, filtration, separation reinforcement and protection applications. Our DuraForce non-woven geotextile range is available in a range of NZTA approved grades.


In a smart, easy and cost effective kit, the SmartSoak® system contains all the components required to attenuate stormwater from an individual residential site.


Armourflow® – the advanced geocomposite drainage board. This products protects waterproofing coatings and channels water efficiently to the drainage system, preventing water pressure build-up.