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  • Filters out solids while allowing water flow
  • UV stabilised
  • Meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site runoff
  • High strength woven Slit-Film SiltFence


SiltFence is a UV stabilised woven silt control fabric consisting of strong, rot resistant, chemically stable long chain synthetic polymer materials, dimensionally stable with each other. 

This fence is used as a means of retaining silt and sediment on construction zones allowing water to flow away and preventing silt polluting our waterways.

Available in convenient 50m rolls. Cirtex® SiltFence meets the requirements of local authorities for a primary barrier against site run off.

roll of siltfence

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Easy Installation

SiltFence can seem complicated to install, but it is fairly simple.

Follow along our installation animation, or references our  illustrations for details and requirements to meet the standard specification.

Super SiltFence

Super SiltFence is the combination of a double layer woven SiltFence material supported with a galvanised wire mesh for the more demanding conditions.

Super SiltFence is used in applications where there will be excessive pressure on the fence or areas where high water concentration of large catchments are being controlled with the Super SiltFence. The wire mesh adds support to the double layer SiltFence material to prevent the fence from blowing out under large loads.

  • Meets the requirements of Local Authorities
  • Welded wire mesh is self supporting making installation simple
  • Double layer sewn Super SiltFence is quick and easy to install
  • UV stabilised for longevity
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Roll Size
1.0m x 50m
1.3m x 50m
Super SiltFence (Double Layer Sewn)
1.2m x 50m
Super SiltFence Wire Mesh
1m x 50m


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Learn with Lisa

What happens if Silt Fence isnt used?

Unwanted sediment washes into waterways, polluting the water and endangering wildlife, and your work site wont comply with govt. regulations.

Installing SiltFence is fairly easy, and we have made a video detailing each step.