Culvert Flumes

  • Constructed from a durable PVC fabric
  • UV stabilised for longevity
  • Durable and high resistance to damage
  • Prevents erosion

About AquaDuct

AquaDuct is an innovative, low cost solution to get water away from the end of culverts and prevent erosion around and under culverts. AquaDuct can be installed in long lengths where access is difficult to channel water to the base of steep slopes in a controlled way.

AquaDuct is available in single and double cleat. Double cleat adds strength and allows the product to be secured in both sides of the flume. This is recommended for long runs and large diameter flumes. AquaDuct has a unique double reinforced zone at the top to reduce tearing from pipe abrasion. Stainless steel straps are available for clamping to the pipe.

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Features & Benefits

  • Customised sizes available
  • Double or single cleat
  • Preserves embankments
  • Stainless steel straps
  • Double or single loop
  • Reinforced top edge
AquaDuct with Cleats
FlexiFlume with Loops

About FlexiFlume

FlexiFlume is a lightweight sewn culvert flume manufactured from a reinforced PE material to provide a lightweight yet robust culvert flume for use around earthworks and construction sites. FlexiFlume is an innovative and cost-effective product to remove water in a controlled way from culverts, sediment pond outflows, stream diversions and many other applications around a site, preventing erosion and scour.

FlexiFlume is available with fixing loops on either one side or both, allowing the flume to be secured in place using steel Y posts preventing the flume being moved in the wind.

Stainless steel straps to suit the different FlexiFlume sizes are available to clamp the
FlexiFlume onto the pipes.

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AquaDuct Specifications

76217AquaDuct 225mm (OD 285mm) SCTo suit
76219AquaDuct 300mm (OD 370mm) SCTo suit
76221AquaDuct 375mm (OD 445mm) SCTo suit
76223AquaDuct 450mm (OD 535mm) SCTo suit
76225AquaDuct 525mm (OD 620mm) SCTo suit
76227AquaDuct 600mm (OD 715mm) SCTo suit
76229AquaDuct 675mm (OD 785mm) SCTo suit
76231AquaDuct 750mm (OD 865mm) SCTo suit
76233AquaDuct 825mm (OD 950mm) SCTo suit
76235AquaDuct 900mm (OD 1045mm) SCTo suit
76216AquaDuct 225mm (OD 285mm) DCTo suit
76218AquaDuct 300mm (OD 370mm) DCTo suit
76220AquaDuct 375mm (OD 445mm) DCTo suit
76222AquaDuct 450mm (OD 535mm) DCTo suit
76224AquaDuct 525mm (OD 620mm) DCTo suit
76226AquaDuct 600mm (OD 715mm) DCTo suit
76228AquaDuct 675mm (OD 785mm) DCTo suit
76230750mm (OD 865mm) Double CleatTo suit
76232AquaDuct 825mm (OD 950mm) DCTo suit
76234AquaDuct 900mm (OD 1045mm) DCTo suit
76374Stainless Steel Strap225mm
76375Stainless Steel Strap300mm
76376Stainless Steel Strap375mm
76377Stainless Steel Strap450mm
76378Stainless Steel Strap525mm
76379Stainless Steel Strap600mm
76380Stainless Steel Strap675mm
76381Stainless Steel Strap750mm
76382Stainless Steel Strap825mm
76383Stainless Steel Strap900mm

FlexiFlume Specifications

13425FlexiFlume SL150mm
13426FlexiFlume SL250mm
13427FlexiFlume SL350mm
13428FlexiFlume SL450mm
13429FlexiFlume SL550mm
13430FlexiFlume SL650mm
13431FlexiFlume SL750mm
13427FlexiFlume DL350mm
13428FlexiFlume DL450mm
13429FlexiFlume DL550mm
13430FlexiFlume DL650mm
13431FlexiFlume DL750mm
76374 Stainless Steel Strap 225mm
76375 Stainless Steel Strap 300mm
76376 Stainless Steel Strap 375mm
76377 Stainless Steel Strap 450mm
76378 Stainless Steel Strap 525mm
76379 Stainless Steel Strap 600mm
76380 Stainless Steel Strap 675mm
76381 Stainless Steel Strap 750mm
76488 Stainless Steel Strap Custom Size*

*All straps are custom made to suit the customers requirements


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