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About SurePave™

SurePave permeable paving panels are the ideal solution for reinforcing grass or gravel in highly stressed areas, vehicle parking, driveways, golf courses, parks or hard stand areas for boats, trailers or caravans.

The robust cellular design of SurePave offers a perfect paving alternative to concrete while still maintaining all the benefits of a hard pavement.

Porous and free draining SurePave allows water to be absorbed easily creating a safe and functional surface that is natural and attractive.

Significant features of SurePave paving panels include a unique positive interlocking system to hold panels in place, a small panel size for ease in transportation and installation, and the panels are also light and stackable for efficient storage.

Wanting a paving solution that encompasses style and functionality, that can withstand heavy duty usage? SurePave uses advanced gravel lock technology that makes this a truly unique paving system, look no further! SurePave is ideal for pebble and hoggin paths around your property.

The ability to withstand up to 700 tonnes per m² when filled makes SurePave the ideal driveway paver for gravel, lime chip, decorative stone, crushed shell and grass surfaces.


SurePave’s unique cell structure is designed to evenly distribute the weight placed on top, minimising compaction while also eliminating ponding due to its free draining, permeable surface.

With the ability to work with grass and gravel, SurePave allows a seamless transition between different surfaces. Check out how successful this driveway and hard stand area work with SurePave in both a grass and gravel application watch it here.

surepave-reinforced-gravel surepave-unreinforced-gravel


SurePave pavers are designed with convenience in mind; the lightweight plastic panels add cost savings to all areas of your project including ease of installation, transportation and storage. 

Permeable paving with SurePave is an eco-friendly solution to traditional concrete or the next step in grass reinforcement, be it for overflow car parking, leisure areas, driveways, paths or any other trafficked area for grass or gravel.

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Why use SurePave?

Easy Install Guide

Reinforce Grass

Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy vehicles

& turning traffic

Tackling a big job?

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Panel Size
816mm x 612mm x 40mm
SurePave Trade Pack
100 Panels


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Learn with Lisa

Installation Layers

When installing SurePave, it is essential to use the correct order when laying backfills and geotextile.

SurePave should never be laid directly on top of Geotextile – this can lead to the panels warping.

Read the installation guide for information on the correct layering.

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Traction on Soggy Grass

When your grass is reinforced with SurePave, you’ll never lose traction on waterlogged grass ever again!

Instead of sinking into the mud, your wheels sit on the rigid surface of the pavers which sit discretely below your grass surface.

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Types of Grass

When using GrassPave in grassed applications, a hardwearing, drought resistant grass is recommended. Instant lawn or roll turf can also be used with GrassPave.

All that is required is to ensure filling material (i.e. sandy loam topsoil) is finished to just below the top of the GrassPave panels.

Roll the turf into the surface to ensure the root zone is protected by the panel cell structure. Water well and let the turf establish before driving on.