• Stabilises paths, driveways and sloping terrain
  • 100% recycled, 100% recyclable
  • Large panel size – only 2 panels per m²
  • Permeable paving solution, ideal for soaking up stormwater

About GrassPave

GrassPave is a versatile yet strong method to reinforce your green areas. Most grass pavers made of concrete tend to heat up, causing the grass to dry out and scorch. GrassPave solves this problem.

The robust cellular design of GrassPave creates a stable surface to support turfed areas where pedestrian and vehicle traffic would usually cause ground rutting and soil compaction.

GrassPave permeable paving panels have a simple interlocking system that holds the panels together even on steep slopes. All panels are 3% the weight of traditional concrete grass paver alternatives making installation and transport considerably easier.

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GrassPave is exclusive to Bunnings stores nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GrassPave is a plastic paving grid used for reinforcing grass where a permeable/porous surface is required. GrassPave is a discrete and natural looking alternative to traditional concrete, asphalt and grass stabilisation products.

GrassPave is designed to be used in grassed areas such as car parks, walking tracks, emergency access roads, golf course paths, over flow car parking, grass driveways and more.

Yes, using a geotextile is reccomended. FilterPlus® or DuraForce™ AS240 range of geotextiles can be placed directly under the GrassPave panels to stop the weeds from coming up.

GrassPave is simple to install and can be easily laid by any able-bodied DIY person. Panels are laid onto a consistent level gradient (a compacted base course may be required for higher-use areas). Lay the panels so that the connecting lugs are leading. The lugs should firmly interlock, making GrassPave quick and easy to lay.

Yes, GrassPave panels have a unique positive interlocking system.


Panel Size
816mm x 612mm x 40mm

Module Size: 816mm (L) x 612mm (W) x 40mm (H)
Material: High Density Polyethylene
Weight: Approx. 4.1 kg/m2 unfilled
Compressive: >700 tonnes m2 when filled
Strength: (Test method; NZS 3116:1991, App A & B)
Colour: Green


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