Landscape Fabrics & Accessories

A range of premium weedmats and accessories to ensure plant growth is promoted and weeds are suppressed.

SmartMat Premium

SmartMat Premium has a unique fibre layer which absorbs and retains moisture allowing healthy plant growth. We recommend this for dry soil types.

SmartMat Enviro

SmartMat Enviro is designed to allow water to pass through faster than conventional weedmats. Recommended for planting on slopes.

SmartMat Ultra Fibre

SmartMat Ultra Fibre is a spunbound polypropylene geotextile weedmat. It’s highly permeable surface allows for an almost instantaneous absorption rate. We recommend this for your stone gardens.

SmartMat Bio

SmartMat Bio is a coconut fibre matting that is used to minimise erosion on slopes & banks while providing a mulch layer that retains moisture.

SmartMat Landscape Fabric

SmartMat landscape fabric is a lightweight black landscape geotextile which serves for many landscaping uses such as stabilising ground under paths or driveways, minimising weeds and soil separation.

SmartGrid Professional

With the use of SmartGrid you can solve slippery surface problem areas around your home creating a safer environment for your outdoor living spaces.

WeedStop High Absorption

WeedStop High Absorption weedmat has been hydrophilically treated to assist water movement through the fabric and to the plant roots.

WeedStop High Water Retention

Weedstop High Water Retention weedmat is designed to hold moisture for dry soil types.

Ground Staples

Cirtex® Ground Staples are made using galvanised spring steel for securing any fabric to the ground.


For securely fixing Weedmat, SmartMat Bio and Filter Cloth to the ground.