Decorative Screens

Enhance your driveway, paths and outdoor living spaces with permeable paving giving a natural stone finish.

  • Create extra privacy
  • Increase the height of an existing fence
  • Conceal unsightly features such as rubbish bins or gas bottles
  • Provide additional shade for outdoor living spaces using decorative screens
  • All SmartScreen panels have a 10 year warranty against rotting, splitting and cracking*

New Zealand Inspired

New Zealand is a unique and beautiful country with some of the most iconic landscapes in the world. At Cirtex® we have brought a little bit of New Zealand to our SmartScreen range, to offer an inspired selection for the kiwi at heart.

Destination Inspired

Other Screens

* Must be installed minimum of 100mm above ground and not be in contact with ground water.​

Quick Tips & Tricks

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