Calculate how many SurePave panels you need for your paving project by entering the area size.

Soil Cross Section

Stone Fill
Top Soil
Bedding Layer (GAP7)
Geotextile (Optional)
Base Course (GAP20)
Geogrid (Optional)
Geotextile (Required)
Natural Ground


The base course will need to be designed to the projected loadings, traffic volume and soil conditions and other contributing factors that correspond directly with the project that SurePave is to be used in.

Area Length(m)

Area Width(m)

Fill Type

Primary materials

SurePave Panels

Geotextile Fabric

Optional materials

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Subtotal: ...

Additional materials

Crusher Dust (GAP7) ...

GAP20 ...

Top Soil ...

Grass Seed ...

Decorative Stone ...

Subtotal: ...

View & Edit material rates

Material Rates

Below is the dollar value per m3 (metres cubed)
for each material requried. You can edit these
values to reflect a more accurate estimation based
off your local landscape yard pricing.

Product Rate Quantity

Crusher Dust




Top Soil


Grass Seed


Decorative Stone


Total Area


Total Estimated cost


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GAP20 is required for all surfaces that carry vehicle traffic, regardless of fill type. Be sure to read our SurePave installation guidelines before continuing.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this calculator is to act only as a guide to assist in determining the quantities of materials required before undertaking a project using our permeable paving products. Please note that while Cirtex will strive to provide you with accurate estimations of materials required, Cirtex cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of these estimations due to varying site conditions and other variable factors. Material prices may vary as they are based from the national average. By using this calculator you agree to these terms.

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