CalcuPave+ Paving Calculator

Using CalcuPave is easy – simply enter the details of your paving project, and watch as it instantly calculates the recommended product for your job. From grassed areas to pebbled driveways, CalcuPave has you covered, providing the customisation you need to define unique project requirements.

One of CalcuPave’s unique features is that it outputs the amount of materials needed to cover the entire project from start to finish, not just the paving product. Materials such as decorative stone, grass seed, aggregates, soil and other materials specifically tailored to your projects needs.

Worried about costs? CalcuPave gives you an average estimation of the cost of materials it outputs, giving you a clear budget before you start.

Key Features

  • Calculates price estimation based on materials
  • Instantly outputs recommended materials based on your input
  • Generates a shopping list with SKU codes
  • Enter your project specific measurements
CalcuPave Paving Calculator

Please note: CalcuPave+ is currently only available on computers & laptops using Chrome, FireFox, Edge or Safari browser. (Tablets and mobile devices are not yet supported)

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