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Add Value and WOW Factor to your Landscapes

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DIY – not as daunting as it may seem. These days when kit-sets are available to make your life a little easier. Have you got a bland entertaining area or is your backyard a blank canvas? In this situation, we would like to introduce you to SmartScreen decorative panels and show how easily you can bump up the value of your property with just a little bit of kiwi ingenuity.  

A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping. An impressive front entrance or entertaining area can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property, up to 12.7% of the total property value! Now that’s something to seriously consider if thinking about home improvements. In fact, it’s one of the few home improvements you can make that adds value immediately and also increases in value as years go by.  


Curious where to start? Here are some great inspirational uses for SmartScreen that will enhance your landscape at minimal cost. 

Bare walls?

Have you ever thought that a bare exterior concrete wall could in fact be a blank canvas to showcase outdoor art? The Cirtex SmartScreen panels are the perfect option to bring to life this cold concrete! Rust Steel Screens can inspire your space with a modern rustic look or encompass your natural surroundings with our Woodgrain finish panels in black or cedar. Get creative, mix and match our screens to create a stunning feature your friends will envy. 

smartscreen-before fern-decorative-screens

Why not plant ivy or vines below and let them wrap themselves around the screens? If your patio seating looks tired or uninviting, add SmartScreen panels to create ambiance and a place where people want to be. A lifeless, blank wall or patio can be an eyesore, but with a little effort, it can become the feature point of your outdoor living area. 

Need shade? Create something

BBQ’s and entertaining are what summer is all about. Enjoying time with friends and relaxing on the deck…bliss, but getting sun burnt, not so much! Create essential shade over your deck or patio by building a SmartScreen pergola feature. 

Pair SmartScreen with framing timber and build your desired shade area which will ensure your time outside is enjoyable and out of the direct sun. Use contrasting SmartScreen designs to create effective shade zones. SmartScreen provides many levels of block-out depending on the amount of shade required for your project. Check out the full range available.

Privacy a problem? Let's those neighbours!


If you’ve got a pool at home, then privacy is something you may have already considered, or are currently considering. The Cirtex SmartScreen range caters for all levels of privacy and shade with a comprehensive collection of designs that have a broad scope of block out values.  

Simply attach SmartScreen to your existing pool fence to add a decorative element, create some privacy or add valuable shade.

Inspirational ideas:

A well-designed landscaped garden adds value and style to your property. Start planning your next home improvement project with SmartScreen. Click here to check out our SmartScreen designer application to try the designs today! SmartScreen can be painted or oil stained and can be cut with a timber saw. For more inspirational ideas visit Pinterest. All Cirtex SmartScreen are sold exclusively through Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA nationwide.

For more information on SmartScreen decorative panels, click here.

New designs have just landed!


Fern Decorative Screen

The fern frond has become a well-recognised symbol of NZ culture. Found in almost every native forest across NZ and in many back yards, the fern is of provides a great backdrop either individually or in clusters.

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Schist Decorative Screen

Schist is a sheet like metamorphic rock use widely in landscaping. Produced under pressure by mother nature, Schist makes very attractive crazy paving for patios and around pools.

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Tips & tricks for installation:

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